Bee Nest!

Perfect For Fundraising!

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  • The Pollen Bee nest is a fundraising product that reflects your club's commitment to conservation and the environment.
  • The nest is an excellent topical item with broad appeal to gardeners, naturalists, educators & families; thus it is a natural fit for garden clubs to use in fundraising.
  • Special bulk pricing designed for successful fundraising is available to Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies and other wildlife organizations.
  • Each nest comes individually packaged with a complete list of plants that will encourage bees to make a home in the garden.
Pollen Bee Nest in the Garden
Pollen Bee Nest In Package Angle
Pollen Bee Nest In Package Straight
  • Scientifically designed and amazingly different, the solitary pollen bee nest was created to encourage bees into the garden.
  • Fully assembled and attractively packaged, it is a perfect gift item.
  • The nest is weather resistant, includes multiple layers of protection and attracts gentle, solitary pollen bees.
  • Nests placed in the garden will attract native bees and improve pollination.
  • Made in Canada with Canadian and US parts.
  • Patented in Canada and the USA.